Advanced Training - Bribery Act 2010 - Sample Questions

Sample Question 1

Which of the following statements about bribery and fraud prevention are accurate?

  1. A robust prevention program can eliminate or reduce the devastating impact on a company's reputation caused by the negative publicity that can occur even in a small case
  2. Bribery & fraud prevention saves money
  3. Only a small percentage of commercial organisations are victims of bribery & fraud therefore prevention programs are not required
  4. A robust prevention program increases stakeholder confidence

Your answer:

 1, 2 and 3
 1 and 3
 1, 2 and 4
 2, 3 and 4

Sample Question 2

The onus of proof in the event of a prosecution under section 7 of the Act lies with the commercial organisation to demonstrate to a civil level of proof that it had sufficient bribery prevention procedures in place?

Your answer:

Sample Question 3

Which of the following scenarios is likely to trigger liability under section 7 of the Act for a joint venture member?

Your answer:

 A joint venture is operating through a separate legal entity and a bribe is paid by the joint venture entity that is performing services for the joint venture member

 A joint venture is operating through a separate legal entity and a bribe paid on behalf of the joint venture by one its employees

Sample Question 4

In order the carry out an effective Bribery Risk Assessment which of the following attributes should the team carrying out the assessment possess?

Your answer:

  1. Have more than a superficial knowledge of the business
  2. The ability to remain objective and independent throughout the process and step outside the corporate culture
  3. A good working knowledge of the business sector and inherent bribery risks

 1 and 3
 2 and 3
 All of the above

Sample Question 5

An effective communication of an organisations' commitment to zero tolerance of bribery is likely to include formal statements from the top stating all of the following except?

Your answer:

 The consequences of breaching the bribery policy or contractual provisions relating to bribery prevention for employees and associated persons respectively
 Naming previous employees that have been involved in bribery and the punishments they received
 Reference to the bribery prevention procedures in place or being put in place
 A commitment to carry out business honestly

Sample Question 6

If a commercial organisation suspects that an incident of bribery may have occurred in the course of its business which of the following actions may be appropriate?

Your answer:

  1. Take legal advice
  2. Using the appropriately skilled personnel conduct an investigation to secure any evidence and establish if the suspicions are true or well founded
  3. Wait and see if any more information comes to light

 1 and 3
 1 and 3
 2 and 3

Sample Question 7

What is considered to be the most effective fraud and bribery prevention method?

Your answer:

 Fear of punishment
 Perception of detection
 Surprise audits