The Bribery Act 2010 Training


The online training modules have been developed jointly by PC Investigations Ltd and Fairweather Stephenson & Co Solicitors. The Directors of PC Investigations Ltd have years of experience in both investigating and preventing bribery & corruption in both the Public and Commercial Sectors including regulatory investigations falling under the FCPA. Fairweather Stephenson & Co have over 20 years experience in criminal litigation of all types including fraud and regulatory work.

We are offering a Basic Module aimed at all employees regardless of their position and the business sector concerned. Additionally an Advanced Module is available aimed at Owners, Directors, Senior Managers and personnel in high risk positions. The modules are designed to augment the training of personnel in bribery related matters as part of an organisation's Bribery Prevention Programme .

How it works

When purchased each user will have unlimited access to the learning module via the internet and receive a copy of the Guidance Manual.

For the Basic Module each user should be allowed a minimum of 1/2 day to complete the online module and an additional 45 minutes to complete the assessment. The assessment will consist of 30 multiple choice questions.

For the Advanced Module each user should be allowed a minimum of 1 day to complete the online module and an additional 90 minutes to complete the assessment. The assessment will consist of 60 multiple choice questions.

We recommend that the guidance manual is formally issued to all relevant personnel.

The pass mark for each assessment is 75%. When the assessment is completed or time is up the user should follow the available link to submit the assessment. We will then notify your nominated focal point of the percentage achieved for each user. In the case of a user achieving 75% or more a formal certificate will be issued. For those failing the assessment we will reset the assessment so it can be retaken at anytime.

How to purchase and access the modules

Please contact us if you would like further information or to purchase any modules.

The content contained in the Basic Module IS covered in the Advanced Module therefore no individual needs to complete both modules.

When your payment has been received we will send an acknowledgement, invoice & receipt by email. Your nominated focal point will receive an email requesting the names of the individuals you would like to take the modules. When we have received this we will send you a link to the course and a unique password for your organisation. For each participant to log on to the course they will need to enter their username (name supplied).


The cost of each module includes:

  • Unlimited access to the course for each participant
  • A Bribery Act 2010 Manual for each participant. Postage to UK mainland
  • Notification of assessment results to your focal point and individual certificates for those who successfully complete the assessment

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